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Top Tips for City Living And Transport

If you have never lived in a big city before, then the transport might take you somewhat by surprise. For example, I grew up in the countryside in the UK and then moved to London. I was used to driving my car everywhere, but when I arrived in London, I soon discovered that was practically impossible.


And not only was it practically impossible, but it was also impossibly impractical too. There's just no point in driving if you live in a large city. It takes a lot more time to get from point-A to point-B in a private car when compared to other options out there.


Do You Need a Car?

The first thing to think about is whether you actually need a car. When I first moved to London, I kept my car because I thought it would be practical. However, after a year, I realised that it was costing me money unnecessarily. I have to pay for parking permits, London rape insurance, Fuel consumption from sitting idle in traffic, and expensive road tax. It just wasn't worth the anymore.


Several cities in the UK are large enough that you don't need a car at all. If you live in one of these cities, such as Birmingham, Manchester, and even places like Southampton, you really need to stop and think about how practical it is for you to own a car.


You might believe that it's impractical to not have at least one car per household. However, for the limited time that you actually need to use a car each year, you might as well just rent the car. For example, I make trips to Newcastle at least once every 3-month. Whenever I need to do that, I just use a car rental service in Leyton. It costs me around £150 for the weekend and that actually works out far cheaper than either buying a car or taking the train.


Public Transport Tips

Ok, so we've established that if you live in a large city in the UK, you probably don't need to own a car. This means that you will have to start relying on public transport, so here are a few tips to remember:


  1. Public transport gets a lot cheaper if you buy season tickets. On the buses, you can normally by week riders, month riders, and the riders. The longer the rider, the cheaper the ticket. You have to be careful not to lose it or it can be expensive.  The trains also have similar tickets. If you're not taking advantage of things like Oyster Travel Cards, then you are wasting a lot of money.


    Shut out the rest of the world with your mobile technology.  If you're anything like me and the, you might get a bit flustered on public transport when it gets too busy. I get sensory overload. To minimise this I do two things. First, I wear dark glasses. This helps to block out some of the light, which then helps to reduce how much sensory input I'm getting. I also use my mobile phone to listen to music. It's the same as car stereos installations in your car, but the advantage is that you can also read things.


Getting rid of your car can be one of the best things you do if you live in a city. It can save you an astronomical amount of money in the long-term.

Improve Your Sound System for Happy Motoring

I think there is not a car in the country today that doesn’t have some form of entertainment system. It is as sure as there are tyres on a car.


Whereas our forefathers travelled little, we are constantly in our vehicle to do the school run, to go shopping and using it for work.


If you are a great music lover you will want a top of the range Car Stereos Installation if you are not content with the factory fitted system and for this you need to contact Car audio London to get the perfect stereo at a good price.


The main component of any sound system is the receiver at which you stare every day as it is position right in the centre of the dashboard.


The trouble with a factory fitted system, although they have got better over the years, is that they may not perform the functions you want it to. Although it is possible to add to what you already have speakers in such systems are often mediocre quality.


A new stereo will give you much better sound because the circuit design is superior. This will give you purer sound. You will also have more control over the sound. Additionally, you could incorporate a port to plug in your mobile device to expand your car repertoire.


If your budget allows it you could also add some advanced features such as a touch screen which will facilitate control and adjustment of settings.


Although not many of us buy a system purely for its looks you may be one of those people where cosmetics play a big part. Whatever receiver you choose they will all sound much better than what you currently have in your car.


If you can’t afford everything you want in one go, you can expand it later but you should fit an USB port so that you can plug in any mobile devices you have.


Alternatively, you could invest in some new speakers initially which should improve sound.


A Car Stereos Installation from a Car audio London retailer is available from https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/car-stereeos-multimedia.html/.

What You Should Be Thinking About When Upgrading Your In Car Sound System

If you're a typical person in the UK, you'll probably spend around an hour a day in your car. Given this, it’s probably worth your time to ensure that your in-car entertainment is up to scratch. There's so many things that you could be listening to whilst driving along that can really help boost your well-being.


However, so many people are driving around with low quality car stereo systems in place. You might not even realise how bad your stereo is until you change it. If you are thinking of upgrading your in car stereos, then read on. Today, we are going to look at some of the most important things that you should be thinking about when upgrading your car stereo.


What sort of things do you enjoy listening to?

When you're upgrading your car stereo system, it's important to think about the type of audio that you are going to be listening to. This will help to inform you about the right choices for your system. Here are two ways in which this is very important:


  1. By looking at your audio library, you'll be able to see which type of file formats you use the most and consequently this will inform your decision concerning the head unit. You need to make sure that your head unit is one that can play your audio files properly.
  2. The style of the music that you listen to will have an impact on some of the accessories that you buy for your car stereo. For example, if you're someone that likes to listen to a lot of drum and bass, then you will benefit from installing a subwoofer in your car. On the other hand, if you're into dance music, you might not need the bass, but would prefer more treble.


Understanding your music choices will inform your car stereo choice.


What is your budget?

Car stereos in the UK vary quite substantially in terms of their price range and brackets. You need to look at your budget and decide which bracket to look for. In car stereos can be expensive, but it might be worth spending a little longer saving up so that you can afford something higher quality if you can only have the budget for a low quality system at present. The higher quality car stereos are much better. It's quite Easy to tell the difference.


How much space do you have in your car?

You also need to assess how much space you have in your car. Some cars don't necessarily have the space but all of the things that you might want to install. For example, if you have a small car, you might have to compromise on the speakers and install coaxial speakers, rather than component speakers.


Component speakers are widely considered the better option in terms of quality, so if you do have to go for coaxial speakers, you have to adjust your budget accordingly. 


We hope that you have found this article useful and informative. If you would like further help and advice about buying a new car stereo, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/car-stereos-multimedia.html.

How To Prepare, And What You Need To Buy, To Install A Car Stereo

Are you thinking of installing a car stereo, but you aren’t quite sure about how to do this? In this how to guide, we are going to look at the things that you need to prepare in order to ensure that your audio installation project runs smoothly.


It is important to prepare the project correctly and to ensure that you have everything in place before you start. If you do not do this, it can result in your car stereo being out of use for a significant amount of time. This can be annoying if you spend a lot of time in your car regularly.


Buy the correct car stereo

This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but you'll be surprised how many people get it wrong when they buy a new stereo. So many people assume that there is only one single size of car stereo and that they don't need to bother looking at the specifications when buying a new stereo.


This is NOT the case. In the UK, head units come in a variety of shapes and sizes we measure this in DIN. You need to match the size of your dashboard to the size of DIN of the stereo.


It is possible to buy a stereo that is not the correct DIN, but it usually involves making modifications to your dashboard. If this is something that you want as part of your car sound system installation then you need to be aware of it before you actually begin to undertake the project, so in the research stages. This will allow you to take the car to an installation specialist who can modify the dashboard on your behalf.


Alternatively, you could try modifying the dash yourself, but this can be dangerous and it may interfere with safety features such as the airbag. We generally recommend against doing this as part of a DIY installation. Instead, you should look for car audio installation near me and find an appropriate service.




The mounting kit

Next, you have to make sure that you use the correct mounting kit for the stereo that you buy. Different stereos require different mounting kits. These mounting kits hold the head unit, and speakers securely in place. If you buy the wrong kit, you may not be able to fit the stereo in the space or the stereo speakers might be too loose and end up falling out as you're driving.


If you're unsure which kit to go for, visit your local car audio shop and ask for advice. They will be more than willing to point you in the right direction and help you find the right kit for your new head unit.


The tool kit

Finally, you will need a range of tools in order to be able to fit your new car stereo correctly if you're already somewhat enthusiastic about DIY, you should have all of the tools necessary to complete the installation. The new head unit should have instructions about what tools are needed to install it properly make sure that you read it over and that you gather your Tools together before you start the job.


Are you interested in buying a new car stereo? If you are, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.

How to Make Your Own Car Stereo System Look Bangtidy

Yeah, ok, so the word bangtidy might be a little bit too cool for me, but you know what I mean: there's nothing worse than installing a state-of-the-art car stereo only to find that it looks like a piece of doody.  Sure, the stereo itself might look amazing, but it's all of the other things, such as wiring and space, but can lend an air of unprofessionalism that you probably don't want.


Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to tidy up your car stereo and make sure that the entire thing looks awesome, and not just the head unit and stereo.


Tidying up those wires

If you've installed quite a complex car stereo, then you will have wires all over the place. They'll be going from your head unit to each of your speakers, which can be as many as seven speakers. They'll be going to your amplifier, to any DVDs you might have any headrest, etc., etc., etc.


The best way to tidy up your wires in your car is to use a quad lock connector.  This simple device allows you to connect all of your wiring easily in one single place. You can then follow the wires around the car and tidy them up using wire ties. It makes the whole thing look much better and you won't have wires hanging out in places where they shouldn't.


The other great thing about the quad lock connectors is that they are colour coordinated so they also make it easier for you to change wires and to keep track of where each wire should be going.


Making sure your equipment fits

Different cars are different sizes, and so naturally, the things inside them also vary in size. You need to make sure that you match the size of your stereo and speakers to be corresponding holding places in your car. For example, with head units in the UK, we measure them in DIN.  You need to make sure that the section that you have in your car to hold the head unit matches be DIN  off the head unit you buy. This will prevent you from having a stereo set too large or too small for your car, which will then look odd.


Sometimes, you will want to buy a stereo that is larger than the sitting in your car. You can still do this, but if you want it to look tidy, you need to take your car to a car audio specialist who will be able to modify your dashboard to ensure that it can seat your new car stereo properly.


Undertaking both of the options outlined above will really help to make your car music system look its very best.  There's no point spending hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds on a decent stereo setup if it doesn't look good too.



We hope that you found this article useful and informative. If you are interested in buying a new car stereo, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/male-to-female-quadlock-connector-power-and-speaker-5m-extension-cable.html.

Helpful Tips And Advice For The Buying Car Speakers In The UK

Looking to buy new car speakers in the UK? If you are, you should find this article useful because we are going to provide you with some useful tips and advice to help you make the correct choices when buying your new speakers.


Tip one: if you want better sound, buy component speakers


Component speakers are speakers that separate the woofer and the tweeter into two separate units. This enables each unit to specialise in a specific sound frequency without interfering with sound produced from the corresponding speaker. 


In other words, the woofer won’t affect the tweeter and the tweeter won't affect the woofer. In coaxial speakers (non-component speakers), the woofer and tweeter can interfere with each other creating tinny sounds. 


The vast majority of cars have special slots for separate tweeters and woofers, so it should be no problem buying car speakers UK in component form that fit your car.


Tip two:  if you buy component speakers, consider buying an amplifier


The amplifier helps to boost the power signal from the head unit to the speakers. If there isn't enough power going from the head unit to the speakers, it will lead to sound distortion and your music won't sound as good. Because you have two separate speakers, the system requires a little bit more power, and that's why you need to buy an amplifier.


Tip three:  consider buying a subwoofer


Subwoofers detect the very low bass sounds in the music. By adding a subwoofer to your system, you will be able to play a much greater range of frequencies in your music and it brings your sound to life a little bit more than if you weren't to have a subwoofer.


The problem with subwoofers is that they can take up a lot of space. Fortunately, you can buy small units that you can place in the boot and that do not take up too much space. However, you will still lose some amount of space in your car.


If you buy a subwoofer, then you will definitely need to invest in an amp as well because the head unit won't be able to produce enough power to power the component speakers and the subwoofer.


Tip four:  invest in a quad lock connector


A quad lock connector allows you to organise all the wires coming from your speaker and head unit into a functional whole that is easy to manage.  It allows you to organise all of the wires so that you know exactly where they are and where they lead. This makes any updates you want to make to the system much easier to do. It allows you to keep hold of each wire and locate it easily when you need to.


Car speakers UK can get quite complicated, so having a way to organise them is essential. We always recommend people with sophisticated car speaker set ups to invest in a quad lock connector. They're relatively cheap, but they help you manage your sound system much easier. They are well worth the money.


Are you interested in buying new speakers for your car? If you are, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/speakers-amplifiers/speakers.html.


Buying a new car stereo: getting it right first time

If you spend a lot of time in your car, and you probably want to have a decent stereo system. It can really help pass the time whilst you are idling along on The Great British roads. Moreover, if you're on the M1 a lot, then idling is something you'll be familiar with!


In this article, we are going to go to understand how to go about buying a new car stereo. The information in this article will help you to work out exactly what it is who should be looking for from your car stereo.



Do you have a lot of space in your car?


Space in the car is important concerning both the stereo and the speakers. Let's look at both in turn and see how space is relevant.


  1. Space is relevant to your choice of stereo:  in the UK, we have standard measurements for car stereos UK. We measure them in DIN.  The size of the stereo and the size of the hole in your dashboard need to match up for the stereo to stay in place and fit. This means that you have to establish the DIN of the space on your dashboard and buy a stereo that corresponds to this size. 


It is possible to buy smaller or larger stereos for your car, but this will mean either using special mountings to keep the stereo in place or creating a larger hole in your dashboard, which involves cutting into the dashboard. This latter option has to be done by a professional in order to keep the structural integrity of the car safe.


  1. Space is relevant to your choice of speakers:  cars have space in the doors and various other places around the car for speakers. In some cars, these spaces are relatively large and allow you to use component speakers, which means you can use a separate woofer and tweeter.


In other cars, the space is much smaller, and you'll have to use a coaxial speaker, which combines the tweeter and woofer into a single unit. The component speakers are better than coaxial speakers are because they produce a cleaner sound, but if you don't have the space, you'll have to use coaxial speakers. These are good, especially at the top of the range, and most people won't notice the difference.


What is your budget?


Car stereos and car speakers can be expensive. It is possible to buy a cheap setup that encompasses everything you need. These cost around £100. They're ok, but they don't produce the great quality of sound.  If you want a decent car stereo system, then you should be looking to spend around £300. This is definitely worth the money because it gives you a great number of options and extra features, such as being able to use your car stereo as GPS satellite navigation or using hands-free telephone calls.


Certain brands of car stereo and car speakers are known to be very good quality, Kenwood, for example, is an excellent brand.


Are you interested in buying a new car stereo? If you are, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/car-stereos-multimedia.html.



Why a Professional Should Install Your Car Alarm System

If you thought any car alarm, it can be tempting to install it yourself. An alarm installation services can be quite expensive and this can put people off and leave them to install his alarm themselves. However, this is generally a false economy because the risks that you run by installing it yourself are quite substantial. Today, we are going to explore the reasons why you should have your car alarm installed by a professional, rather than undertaking this process yourself.


The car alarm will function correctly



It's very easy to get it wrong when installing a new car alarm. However, if you use a professional car alarm installation service, then you are practically guaranteed that they will do an efficient job, especially if it's something that they do fairly often. These are professional installers so they understand exactly what they need to do in order to ensure that the car alarm functions correctly.

Doing it yourself one of the risks of installing the alarm in such a way that it doesn't function correctly.


It will help to reduce the cost of your car insurance


Having your car alarm installed by a professional will help to bring down the cost of your car insurance. However, if you install the car alarm yourself, this could actually invalidate that part of the insurance because the insurance companies will only insure people that they know will do a good job. They do not trust DIY car alarm installation, and so are less likely to insure you on that particular clause.



In this way, the DIY alarm installation is pretty moot because if somebody steals the car, you won't get the insurance necessarily to pay out as much as they would if you have the alarm installed professionally.


If the professional service accidentally damages the alarm, they are liable


If you choose to install the alarm yourself, and you accidentally break it, then you're the only person that has to pay for that because it was nobody else's fault. However, if you choose a professional service and they accidentally damaged the alarm, they will have to pay for it because it was their fault.


This means that with the expense of alarms, even though it might cost you more in the short term to have it installed by a professional, in the long term it's likely to save you a lot of money and heartache.


We hope that you have found this article useful. If you are interested in learning more about car alarm installation and car alarms in general, please visit .




The Key Things That You Need To Think About When Buying a New Stereo for Your Car

Modern stereos have come a long way, and this means that there are many different options available to us. When you visit the car audio shops, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the vast amount of choice presented to you.


If this is the case, then this article is a must read for you. Today, we are going to explore the various things that you need to think about when you're buying a new stereo for your car. This will help you to make the right choices and to get rid of some of that confusion.



The type of head unit you buy


The place to start when buying a new car stereo is too look at the head units on sale. You need to buy one that is compatible with your existing music library, or compatible with the library you are looking to create. For example, if all of your music still exists in CD form, you will need to buy a head unit that allows you to play CDs. On the other hand, if you listen to MP4 file formats, you will need a stereo that can play those. Perhaps you have both, in which case you will need a stereo that combines both.


All of these different types of stereo are available in the car audio shops.


You should also look to consider whether you want your head unit to have Bluetooth connectivity or some other sort of connection technology that will allow you to connect your smart devices to your head unit so that you can play the files on your phone or tablet through your car.


Think about what you want to achieve from your head unit in the terms outlined above and then visit your local car audio shop. They will be able to direct you to the in car stereos that play music files in the format that you use and with the connectivity levels that you require.


The type of speakers you need to buy


Next, we need to think about this type of speakers you want in your car. First, you need to make a decision between two different types of speaker set-up:


Coaxial speakers: here, the Woofers and the tweeters are combined into a single unit. This will save you space but the quality of the sound won't quite match up to for the quality of component speakers.


Component speakers: here, the woofer and the tweeter come in separate units. This means that you require more space in your car to fit the speakers, but that they will produce the higher quality of sound.


You will also need to decide whether you want us to install a subwoofer in your car. A subwoofer can really improve your in-car entertainment because it will give you some decent bass sounds and this makes the music more physically enjoyable.


There are many options for your in car stereos in the UK, so understanding what you want before you arrive at the shop will help you to make the best decision. We hope that we have helped you to clarify these issues a little better.


Are you interested in buying a new car stereo? If you are, please visit 



Expert Tips For People Who Are Looking To Buy Their First Car Stereo

The majority of car stereos that come as standard with the cars, are low quality. This is because the car manufacturers don't really care about the audio. They're much more concerned to produce a car that is good to drive, so the audio comes last. 


Given this, many people choose to buy new stereos for their car. This is your first time buying a new car stereo, then you need to read this article. Below we have provided expert advice to help you make the right choices when buying a new car stereo



Tip 1: make sure that the stereo is compatible with your audio files


Audio files come in many different formats, but most commonly are in MP3 format or CDs. You need to make sure that your player plays the correct type of files. If you know that you're changing your library to a new file type, then choose a stereo that can play those files. If you already have a decent library, for the sample one that includes CDs and MP3s, again make sure that the stereo head unit can play those files.


Car stereos UK can play a wide range of audio files, including:


  • CDs
  • Cassette tapes (yes, some people still have their cassette tapes. It would cost thousands to replace Somerset libraries)
  • USB
  • SD
  • Auxiliary Input


In short, what other libraries type you have, you are likely to find a stereo that can play it. The thing you need to do is make sure that your stereo plays your files.


Tip 2: Make sure that the new head unit is capable of producing type of music that you want to play


This isn't related to the format, but it's more to do with how you listen to music. For example, some of you are going to enjoy deep bass tones, whilst others might prefer the higher frequency sounds.



As well as making sure that your speakers and amplifiers have the power to produce the music in a way that you want them to, you also have to make sure that the head unit can do this too. It needs to be able to provide sufficient power to the speakers, even if  you also install an amplifier.


Tip 3:  Make sure that you install the right speakers


Again, the way that you enjoy music for make a difference to the type of speakers are going to work best for you. Taking the previous examples, if you prefer a high base production, you might benefit enormously from installing the subwoofer. If you prefer the highest frequencies, then you might be disappointed with the subwoofer.


You need to match your likes to your speakers. If you don't know how to do this, look for car audio near me and you'll discover local audio businesses. There will be people there who can help you to better understand how to build a system that suits your style of music listening.


We hope that you found this article useful. If you are interested in buying the audio technology for your car, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.


Help and Advice for First-Time Car Stereo Buyers

Choosing your own car stereo is a fun thing to do. It allows you to tailor your in-car listening to your personal preferences, something that you can’t always manage with the standard car stereos.


However, if you do not have a lot of experience with this, the results can be disastrous…and costly. If you don’t have much experience in modifying car stereos, then you will need to do your research before you make any changes. We have written this article to get you started with the basics. You will discover some helpful tips and advice if you read on.



Tip 1: Understand Why You Are Buying a New Car Stereo

It’s important that you understand the reasons why you want a new stereo so that you can ensure that you tailor the new system to your tastes. Here are a few things that you need to think about:


  • Are you changing the system because it doesn't play compatible audio files? For instance, you may have a full catalogue of MP3 files, but your car may be stuck in the past, playing CDs…maybe even tapes.


By thinking about the type of files you have, you can ensure that you choose a car sound system that can play these files.


  • Do you want to improve the sound quality of the audio? If you're still listening to music on a factory-installed stereo, then the chances are high that they’re a poor quality.


Car manufactures spend as little as possible on their car stereos, and so it’s unsurprising that they are particularly poor quality. They won’t play good sound. Some people don’t care, but others will.



  • Does your current system need more bass? What about more treble? If you answered yes, then you might need to invest in a subwoofer and a tweeter respectively.


Once you’ve considered your reasons carefully, you will have a good idea about the type of things you are looking for from your car stereo. You can then take these ideas to your local car audio shop and they will help you find the best solutions to your issues.


Tip 2: Will You Install the System Yourself?

Whilst it can be a lot of fun installing the system yourself, you need to be careful as a beginner. It’s quite easy to break things and to plug wires in the wrong places. It can become a problem if you're not careful.


In most cases, it’s easier to use an installation service. They’re relatively cheap and they know what they’re doing, so will be able to get it right. We recommend googling “car audio installation near me” to find the best installation service in your area.



Tip 3: Ask Fellow Audiophiles for Advice

Finally, if you get stuck at any point in the project, talk to other people. There are loads of online forums that concentrate on in car stereos, so you will be able to find some helpful tips and advice. You do need to be careful that everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they’re right – you might inadvertently start arguments, but they can be a great way to learn more about car stereos.

Helpful Tips and Advice to Get the Most Out of Your Car Stereo

So many people listen to subpar car stereos. They don't realise that making just a few little tweaks and changes can make a world of difference to the quality of their sound systems.  If this sounds familiar, then you should find this article useful.


Today, we are going to look at some of the adjustments that you can make to your in-car stereo system that will improve the quality of your sound.


Avoiding Tinnitus

So, this probably isn't something that you’d normally read about from an article like this, but believe me, if you develop tinnitus, music will never sound the same again. My first tip is going to be about reducing the risk of damaging your ears by listening to loud music.


If you want to protect your ears, you need to buy a sound metre. Sound metres control the volume of your music and ensure that it stays below the threshold that causes damage. 


Sure, it isn't particularly entertaining to think of sound metres, but it is an important thing to have with your in car stereos because it will limit the risk of damage, which you will regret if it ever happens to you.


Change the Speakers

If you still have the factory-installed speakers in your car, swap them out. Unless you have one of the cars with a reputation for good audio technology, such as Volkswagen or BMW, it's highly likely that your speakers are very low quality. This will make your music sound bad. You'll hear tinny noises and crackling. They'll be interference and cross over. The sound quality will be poor.


Even if you only spend around £20 on your new speakers, that will still be far superior to the ones that come as standard in most cars.  Factory-installed speakers cost the manufacturers a couple of pence to buy, that's how rubbish they are. 



If you're anyway musically inclined, then changing the speakers can be the best thing you can do to improve your in car stereos.


If you really like to hear the full range in your music, then install a subwoofer. This creates much more bass and can really increase your enjoyment.


Install an Amplifier

If you've change the speakers, and you're still getting things like crossover and interference, the issue may be a lack of power to the system. To overcome this, you need to include an amp in your car stereo system.  Amps increase the amount of power within a stereo system and ensure the head unit is powerful enough to drive the speakers.


How to Choose the Correct Stereo Installation Kit for Your Car

There are many installation kits to help you install a new car stereo. However, they are not all the same. Some are made for particular makes and model so car, some are made for particular head unit sizes, and some are made according to other specifications. For this reason, you shouldn’t just buy any old installation kit expecting it to work for you. You need to make sure you buy the right kit for the car.



During the course of this article, we are going to teach you how to buy the correct car stereo installation kit for your stereo and car. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should have a good idea about the type of kit you should be buying.


Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do is your research. If you know which stereo you are buying, have a look online to see if there are any recommendations on the installation kit. Don’t take the first piece of advice as gospel, read multiple sources so that you can get a good idea about which is the right one and why it is the right one.


Here are a few things to bear in mind:


  • Some kits are designed for particular makes and models of stereos. Research the stereo that you are buying, rather than the make and model of the car. If you can’t find any information, then contact the manufacturer or a retailer that sells that model of stereo and ask for recommendations. Remember that the manufacturer might be bias and might advise that you only use their own bespoke kit.


  • Some kits are designer for certain areas in the car. For example, most of the kits work with head units that sit in the centre console on the dashboard. If you're placing the head unit somewhere else in the car, then you might need to look for a specialist kit, as a typical kit might not work.


Buy Your Kit from a UK-Based Seller

We assume that you are reading this article in the UK and so it is designed for a British audience. We recommend that you buy your car stereo installation kit from a UK-based seller because they will afford you certain privileges. Here are a few reasons why this is important:


  • In the UK, we are protected by consumer laws. This means that the kits need to conform to certain quality standards. In other words, they won’t let you down. If you buy from further afield, while the kits might be good, there’s also a risk that they won’t be, and if they’re not, then you run the risk of damaging your car stereo. It’s better to avoid the risks where necessary.


  • Finally, there may be some compatibility issues if you buy your kit from abroad. Just as the UK uses different types of electric plugs to many other countries, we also use different types of jack and fixtures and fittings.

Getting The Best Sounds

An acquaintance gave me a lift to show off his brand-new supercar. Normally listening to the roar of a supercharged twelve litre engine would be all I was after.


But what he really wanted me to listen to was the sound system. Over two hundred thousand pounds was the price paid for the car, but a sizeable chunk of that must have gone into this bespoke stereo that in many surveys comes out as the best in the world.

So, the throttle was eased off and the two-thousand and two-hundred-watt, twenty speaker system came on.


In fact, he didn’t have to ease off on the accelerator as the system automatically increases sound as the revs increase.


It’s always the case that when you’ve seen or heard the best of anything, it’s hard to appreciate anything inferior.


However, what it did prove to me is how good it can be. So maybe it’s possible to make some improvements to my modest saloon car.



A car sound system consists of certain components no matter the quality. The three main parts of any sound system are the speakers, the amplifier and the header unit. So, surely the better the quality of each part including perhaps additional speakers is all that is needed.


To get much more information I went to a well-advertised car audio installation near me to discuss what chance I had to improve the sound system in my car.


They were extremely helpful although they pointed out one missing ingredient and that’s the insulation.


When luxury cars are designed, much more attention is focused on the insulation.


Dampening is there to keep road noises out of the car and the sounds locked in. These luxury cars have perhaps twenty speakers but there is some science between the type of speaker and the direction they face.


The other aspect about acoustics is that sound waves bounce off hard surfaces, like metal, and get absorbed by soft material, like upholstery. You may notice that luxury cars are frequently entirely finished in leather.

A Shorter Journey

A long car journey seems to travel by much faster if there is something interesting on the radio. Nowadays people can take their smart devices and have an almost unlimited amount of their favourite music.


Talking books makes a great alternative to music and these are readily available on CD’s. But music, we can hear repeatedly unlike books that we rarely read or listen to more than once.


Some years back there was an initiative that persuaded people that travel the motorways regularly, to take part in a free swap CD. This was a drop off one for one box for CD’s meaning you could select something other than the tired old one in your collection.

Audio books do not require the best in car stereos UK but only the best car speakers are required to enjoy music. Unfortunately, the average car stereo and speakers are adequate without being outstanding.


If you drive a lot of hours, it may be time to look at some after market system to improve this. Apart from the high-end production cars, the ordinary vehicles most of us drive have the bare minimum of quality stereos.


Car manufacturers, like any other manufacturing business, are run by cost conscious accountants. This means they pay as little as possible for many of the components, including stereos.


It doesn’t take a mountain of money to correct this deficiency with a great sound system. In the average car the amp is in the head unit on the dash. But a separate amp with sub-woofer and tweeter can bring out the best in music recordings.


The improvement can be quite dramatic and enables the listener to hear much more subtleties in the music than they were aware even existed.


The result is as impressive as that first time you went to a surround sound cinema, and after that experience, we expect nothing less.


With a new system to replace the old, you won’t want the drive to end.

Entertain Yourself On Long Journeys

If you have children and you are preparing for a long car journey, you have to think about ways to entertain them so that there won’t be any squabbling during the trip.

There are good and old fashioned games you can play, such as I spy which do not involve taking your hands off the steering wheel, but these days with modern in car entertainment systems that will allow children to plug in their portable systems to play their favourite games.



If you are going to adapt your system to enable this to happen, you should definitely not forget earphones so that you as a driver does not get distracted. If you need to research what you can do you could always approach one of the many car audio shops. Thee you will be able to find online or in your local high street.


If you are satisfied with the performance of your speakers, but your receiver is somewhat limited in which tasks it can perform, you may want to invest in a new one. Make sure that you enquire about digital media receivers as CDs and cassettes are now rarely used in the modern car.


This new generation of receivers does not have a CD player and they give you options such as USB ports, iPod connections and SD card slots. They could also support satellite radio tuners.  You can now see why CDs are now superfluous.


If you approach a retailer he will point you to a model that fits your car’s dash and he will also be able to suggest installation kits if you want to do the work yourself. However, fitting a new head unit in your car yourself is discouraged. The mechanics such as computer wiring is very complicated and you may inadvertently immobilise your vehicle.

You can imagine what effect that would have on your car warranty and moreover, you will be issued with a warranty for the fitting by the installation specialist.


If you are looking for in car entertainment from car audio shops you will find both at http://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.