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Do The Swap At Your Peril

Any car driver that loves to listen to music whilst rolling along in their car, will not be over-impressed with most original car factory sound systems.


It’s almost impossible to buy a car with an original subwoofer and nearly all just have an inadequate amp in the dash mounted head unit. Getting the highs and base with any variation is simply not possible.


And so, if you are even remotely an audiophile, you will want to do something to improve this problem.


The first starting point is to check out the latest double DIN touch screen Bluetooth head units. The internet has plenty of sites with listings of the most popular quality manufacturers.


Don’t just take the opinion of the compiler of one list but check a few others as well. It soon becomes clear that there are some very firm favourites. The next thing to read-up on are the speakers including a subwoofer.


This is the part that can increase the sound range and add some excellent base. Whilst you can just replace the existing speakers with more advanced ones, think about the possibility of adding some extras.


The average run-around car has a usual configuration of half a dozen speakers when it leaves the factory. But you must ask yourself why it is that the luxury limousines have up to twenty and sometimes more scattered around the car.



In these expensive vehicles the car stereo installation isn’t taken lightly. At the R and D stage of new models, the audio department gets a whole new car to test positioning of speakers.


The problem with cars is that whilst they can indeed have great sounds, the interior is a mix of soft furnishing and hard metal. Sound waves bounce off the latter and get absorbed by the former.


This is another reason for additional dampening material to be added when you get around to upgrading the whole system, with some quality aftermarket equipment.

What Makes for a Good Car Audio Shop?

If audio is important to you, you're going to want to make sure that you can listen to it whenever you can. One place that many people listen to their music is in the car.


As an audiophile, you will want your car stereo to provide excellent quality sound. To do this, you need to buy the right equipment and have it installed properly, and to do this, you need to find a good car audio shop.


So, what makes for a decent car audio shop? We will be answering that question during the course of this article.


They Have the Knowledge to Guide You in Your Choices

A decent car audio centre will have the knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke car stereo system that provides you with all of the features you need and want, and delivers this in the highest possible quality for your budget.



Of course, the average person can’t afford “Sydney Opera House” quality music in their car, but the good car audio shops will have the knowledge and expertise to build you the best system for your money.


And, unless you are a music expert (and by music expert we mean someone who works in music professionally), you won’t be able to notice any issues, and even then, the “issues” are marginal and only apparent to the extremely discerning ear.


A good audio shop will understand what you are trying to achieve with your car stereo system. This could be anything from wanting a system that can play Drum and Bass, to wanting a system that produces very clear enunciation for your podcasts. Whatever it is you want, they will know how to deliver it.


They Have a Good Reputation

Of course, all audio shops will tell you that they have the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the perfect system, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Commercial chain shops (not mentioning any names, but we’re sure you can work it out), might claim that they have professional audiologists (or some other slang term) but are these people as well trained as they make out?


The only way to tell is to find out what their customers think of them. Are their customers mostly happy with the service? Are there many positive reviews online? What are people saying about them?


You can always expect to see bad reviews. No business is perfect and sometimes people get the wrong impression. However, it’s when a business only has bad reviews, or when the majority of their reviews are bad, that you have to worry. This is not a good sign.


Positive reviews are a good sign, so too is the length of time the business has been around. The longer it’s been around, the better it is likely to be. A poorly performing business will soon go bust.


They Have Reasonable Prices

Finally, what sort of prices are they offering? Decent car audio shops offer competitive pricing. This covers the actual equipment itself, but also the installation services too. For this reason, when choosing a car audio shop, do try to obtain quotes from a number of different businesses and see how they each compare one to the other.


We hope that you now understand what to look for in a car audio business. You can put what you’ve learned into practice at https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.


In Car Audio: Making the Most of Your Speakers

As you can well imagine, your choice of speakers makes a huge difference to the sound quality of your in-car stereo system. Today, we are going to explore the various things that you can do to make the most of your in-car speakers.


Factory-Installed Speakers: The Biggest “No” of All

If you stick with the factory-installed speakers, then there's a high chance of disappointment in your car audio set up. These speakers are cheap – we’re talking 80p a speaker, and yes, you read that right, £0.80 a speaker! If you think that you can get anything of quality for that price, then think again.



The first thing you should do if your car audio is important to you, is change the car speakers. The car manufactures don’t use the car stereo system as much of a selling point, and so they keep it all cheap.


You can change the speakers for as littles as £20 and experience a whole world of difference in terms of the sound quality.


Amps Can Help Power Speakers and Minimise Distortion

If you’ve changed your in-car speakers and they still sound off, then you should consider whether the speakers are getting enough power. It could be that the head unit simply isn’t powerful enough to provide the speakers with the correct amount of energy needed to perform properly.


When this happens, the sound becomes distorted: it slows down and speeds up; it changes in loudness; it squeals and moans. That might sound funny reading it out, but it sure becomes annoying quickly when it’s actually happening in your car.


To deal with this problem you need to feed more power to the speakers to make sure that they perform to their optimum standard. To do this, you need an amplifier. An amp will boost the power signal, improving the way in which the speakers play the audio.


Adding an amp to your system can make a lot of difference.


Consider Adding Separate Tweeters and Sub-Woofer

If you're the type of person who loves to listen to all the different details in their music, then you should consider adding tweeters and a sub-woofer to your car stereo system. The tweeters allow your music system to play the high treble notes, and the sub-woofer enables you to pick up the low frequency tones.


Adding these two types of speaker can make your music come alive in ways you never knew existed. The only downside is that they take up extra space. The tweeters are small, so don’t make much of a difference, but the sub woofers are relatively big, and they can take up a lot of space. They do sound awesome though.


Consider Installing Sound-Dampening Materials

Cars aren’t great for music because they have many hard surfaces (i.e. the shell of a car is made of metal). This causes reverb and can lead to tinny-sounding music. Sound dampening material can help to minimise this and makes your car speakers sound even better because there is less interference.


Are you interested in buying new speakers for your car? If so, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.


Talk To a Car Audio Retailer First

Especially if you have a new car model, it is likely that it has complex electronic wiring to operate windows, parking sensors, audio equipment and other things that make driving more comfortable.


It is for this reason that you should have a new sound system installed by a professional.  You may be able to do it yourself, but modern wiring is tricky to navigate and you do want to prevent voiding your warranty.



You may ask how do I find a Car Audio near me.  This is the easy part as the internet is a very handy tool and any self-respecting audio retailer will now have a website to maximise sales.


You need to know that if you wire speakers incorrectly, you could do damage to the quality of sound and it could damage the equipment too.


On top of that if something does go amiss when you do things wrong, you cannot ask yourself for a warranty for the work carried out. If, however, if you have it professionally installed, the work will come with a warranty for a certain period.


You can see that it is well worth the extra cost to have your sound system installed correctly as it may cost you much more if the audio equipment goes wrong.


It has to be said though, sound systems fitted in the factory on new cars are pretty decent, but you may not like the sound quality if you are a real music nut and it may also not have hands free facilities such as phone answering or a docking station for a mobile device.


If you are generally satisfied with what you have got now, you do not have to spend a fortune on a new audio system.  A few minor adjustments, carried out by your retailer, can make all the difference.  It is for this reason alone that you should talk to a bona fide retailer first.


You can always add to your equipment at a later date.


If you are looking for a Car Audio near me, please go to https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.




Five Ways That You Can Buy Quality Speakers Cheaply

Money is an issue for many people, but especially musicians. It’s the stereotype, isn’t it? All musicians are struggling before they make it big. At the same time, we also want high quality equipment. There’s nothing worse for a music lover than listening to music on a poor-quality set up.


There’s a dilemma, though: the best set ups are expensive. How can you buy decent quality equipment for less money? Today, we are going to teach you five ways that can help you find the best quality equipment within your budget.



  1. Buy online

The internet is the best place to buy most products, and this is certainly true of car speakers UK. You will find the broadest range of prices online. The difficulty comes only in finding the best supplier.


You can use a number of techniques to help you. The one that we’ve found the most useful is to decide exactly what product you want to buy and then use the Google Shopping feature to find suppliers selling that product, and then simply choose the cheapest. You can also do the same at Amazon and eBay.


  1. Buy in the sales

Different shops run sales throughout the year, so whatever you're looking for, it probably is out there somewhere at sale prices. Nonetheless, the January sales are the best time to buy electronic goods at knockdown prices. Again, work out which product you want and then search for it in the January sales. Get in there fast, because the good stuff sells quickly.


  1. Buy second-hand

Sometimes, you can buy some incredibly high quality kit when buying second-hand. Many people don’t like to do this because they think of the equipment as old and out-of-date, but when it comes to certain products, such as amplifiers, it doesn’t age quickly in terms of the technology. It might be aged in terms of how the previous owner has treated it, but if that’s the case, just don’t buy it.


Don’t be put off by the idea of buying second-hand because there are some exceptional bargains to be had.


  1. Speak to the retailer

Too many people are unaware that there is often some wiggle room in retailers’ prices. You can occasionally haggle for a better price. For example, tell them that you really want to buy this particular item but that it’s just outside your price range and then ask them if there’s anything that they can do to match the price. Or, tell them that you can buy it from another retailer for less than they’re selling it (but don’t lie about it, you do need to back this up with evidence).


  1. Speak to the manufacturer

Finally, speak directly to the car speakers UK manufacturers. It’s unlikely that they will sell you the product directly, and if they do, may not sell at a discount. However, what they may be able to do is provide you with a list of stockists. You can then check each one to find out which offers the best place.


We hope that you have found this information useful. If you are interested in buying equipment for your in-car stereo, please visit https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.

For Dulcit Tones In The Car Change The Speakers

Even if you have a recent model car there is always the chance that the factory fitted sound system is not to your liking.  Some of us are real music buffs and if you do not like the sound of what you are playing, you may want to upgrade it with an aftermarket system.



Of course, if you are going to replace anything in that department it is going to cost you.  It seems a sensible move, therefore, to have a Car Speakers Installation carried out first to see if that improves matters.


You need to understand that if you should choose component speakers you are not opting for a cheap way to improve sound.  Nevertheless, most people opt for changing the speakers as they do affect the way music sounds.


If you should only change the head unit, it is very likely that your existing speakers will not be up to the job reproducing sound adequately with an advanced stereo unit.  For this reason, you should really replace the speakers with the more expensive component speakers to achieve optimum sound.


In component speakers, the woofer and the tweeters are separated and they are mounted independently.  This way they won’t interfere with each other’s sound so you get a much purer sound.


If you should go for these and you are going to fit them yourself, you will find four components when you open your parcel.  The first are the woofers which will typically sit in the car door spaces where your old speakers were.


Then there are the tweeters who will reproduce the higher notes such as female voices and woodwind instruments.  If there is no space left to fit them they will have to be custom mounted.


The third components are the crossover boxes which will ensure that the high frequency sounds are clearly defined and sent to the tweeters and the lower notes to the woofers.


Lastly you will also find the hardware to fit all the different components.


For further information about Car Speakers Installation please go to https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.


Install A Silent Witness On Your Dash

Our roads are crowded and in a moment of absentmindedness an accident can happen very easily. Now we have the technology the easiest thing to do is to fit a journey recorder. 


These can be plugged in easily into the car cigarette lighter and even if your car is immobilised due to an accident they still continue to record what is happening.


As far as Vehicle Journey Recorder Installation the plug-in facility is by far the easiest and you can do the job yourself by just attaching the power leads to the aforementioned cigarette lighter.


If you would rather have a more permanent configuration they can be hard wired into the car’s electrical system.  Both cameras are small and they sit on the dash, recording every mile you do in your vehicle.


The camera can be attached with bits of sticky tape that is supplied with the kit, but a much preferred option is to acquire a suction pad which holds the camera in place for much longer. Strong sunlight shining through the car can quickly deteriorate the sticky tape’s ability to keep the camera steady.


The cameras start recording as soon as you switch the car’s ignition on. When the car’s ignition is turned off they automatically switch off.  However, there are some cameras that keep on recording and these may be of more use to you if you park in an unsafe spot overnight or in a car park.


The record of your journey is stored on an SD memory card.  Once the card is full, you need to know that it will then start to record over the older footage that has earlier been recorded.


In case of an accident the recorded footage will be locked in so that it cannot be overridden. The evidence of a recorded accident will help you when you have to make an insurance claim and it could be that your insurance premiums will go down. It will also help you to deal with claims speedily.


Reversing Aids Increase Your Safety

You know if you bump into something with your car you will have to shelve out money to have your car fixed.  You could do this on your insurance, but your no-claims bonus will no longer be there and your premium will go up.


Putting your car back on the road is the least of your problems if you bump into a person or a pushchair.  This can have nasty consequences.


It is for this reason that Reversing aids have become a very popular addition for car and people safety. You will be surprised to know that they have come down in price as demand has increased.


These days cars are bigger and the parking facilities have become smaller, so it is more difficult to get in and out of parking spaces.


If you look at availability you will soon notice that there is a wide variety of models on the market.  They have also become more effective in detecting dangers behind your cars and in front.


Newer cars are often fitted with one of these and if you were a passenger in one of these, you will have heard the beeping noise in the car when it comes too close to an object.  If you want to be extra safe, you can also have cameras fitted which will see what sensors cannot detect.


The most commonly fitted are the ultra-sonic versions which are also the cheapest.  The more upmarket modern cars are fitted with a more expensive kit, namely the electro-magnetic models.  These are generally neater and will not spoil the look of your car. 


They both need holes to be drilled in the bumper and you should choose a reversing aid that closely matches the colour of your car so that it will not look intrusive.


The camera versions are easily fitted to most modern multi-media head units and if you have a factory fitted system with this facility, you should have no trouble installing it.

You should still use your eyes and not rely totally on these sensors.


Reversing aids for your safety and others are available from incarmusic.co.uk

Highs and Lows In Car Audio

To get crisp and clear high definition in a car audio will almost certainly involve changing existing speakers.

And when you start going down that path, to complete the upgrade should involve a new amp which in turn will result in a new receiver.

In other words, to do the job properly involves installation of a complete new audio system. But when It’s all done, the money spent will be satisfyingly well worth it.

To buy an all new aftermarket system needs plenty of research and unless you are an audio expert, some good advice from an independent supplier and fitter should be looked for. A good car audio shop is one that has been around for some time.


The longer they have been in existence the more experience they will have in helping the customer choose the right equipment for their particular make and model car. And then of course, they will need to know how much you are prepared to spend.

The sky is the limit as anyone can discover by searching lists on the internet. Look up the world’s most expensive car audio system and the result is an amount that would buy one of the most exotic and priciest luxury saloons outright.

But the good news is that in reality it just takes a few hundred pounds to improve on that cheap factory fitted system in your modestly priced runabout.

The best possible way is to drive along to your nearest audio sales and fitting center and ask for advice. Make a note of all the component parts that will be needed from speakers to amp as well as a new dash mounted double DIN.

If the result is a bit over budget then think of buying and fitting in stages. Each component part changed will still mean being able to listen to better and better sounds.

When the whole system is finished the sounds will be so good that you’ll find the smallest of excuses to drive to the shops.

For your nearest car audio shop http://www.incarmusic.co.uk

Four Great Tips for Improving Car Safety

Much is being made in the news of car safety and there are several reasons for this. First, we’re witnessing the birth of a new technology with driverless cars, and people are questioning how safe it is to have these cars on the road. Secondly, there have been a number of high-profile incidents of people using their phones while driving and then the tragic consequences of doing so. This latter issue has even seen the birth of harsher sentencing laws, with people who kill people via dangerous driving now having a maximum tariff of life in prison.


That was quite a depressing read, wasn’t it? It felt bad just writing it out. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help improve your safety while driving. Below, we are going to explore four of the best tips.


Tip 1: Always Keep a Good Distance Between Your Car and Other Vehicles On the Road

We see this problem every day. Too many people drive too close to the car/vehicle in front. You need to give yourself as much of a margin of error as you can, and this means keeping an extra-large difference between you and the car in front.


One of the most frustrating things about people who drive too close is that they don’t realise how it leads to traffic jams and bottlenecks. If we all maintained a sensible distance, traffic flow would be much smoother. We’ll see this proved once driverless cars go mainstream.


For many of you, it will be increasingly difficult to create space when the car behind you insists on riding your tail. To avoid this happening, maintain a safe speed and allow them to pass as soon as they can. There’s not much you can do against selfishness like that.


Tip 2: If You HAVE to Use Your Phone, Use Hands Free

First, we would always recommend that you withhold from using your phone entirely. Even hands free kits can take away valuable processing times. However, if for whatever reason you feel that you HAVE to use your phone (and we doubt anyone is that important, not even DT), then use a hands free unit.


Tip 3: Install Safety Features In Your Car

People often forget the importance of safety when parking. Too many toddlers, small children, and animals, have been run over by people parking. To avoid this, install front and rear parking sensors in your car. you never know when they might save a life.



Other safety features include warning noises when you exceed the speed limit, on-board cameras to capture footage (evidence shows that people drive more safely when they know that their behaviour has been captured on film, and voice-controlled car stereos.


Try to stick to these safety rules, as well as all of those you learned during your driving lessons. You never know whose life you might be saving.


If you are interested in buying safety equipment for your car, then please visitour official website.

What Should You Look for from a Car Audio Shop?

If you love your car stereo, then it’s probably better for you to find a decent car audio shop to help you with all of your stereo needs. However, finding such a shop can be difficult. Sure, you can pop to your local chain store for advice, but their “engineers” tend to have very little experience in the audio world (although that’s not always the case at all).


Most of the time, it makes sense to use a small, independent, seller. They often employ sound engineers to help create the best sound systems. That doesn’t mean that you should rush out and use just any old business. No, you need to make sure that they have the correct qualities. If you don’t know what these qualities are, then read on, because we will explain all below.

A decent car audio centre will have at least one qualified sound engineer.

The best people to work out what you need and how you can achieve it are sound engineers. They have had in-depth training in audio technology and they understand how to create systems that work well together, where each part of the system complements and works in harmony with the rest of the system.


Without this knowledge, you often end up with stereos that have problems, such as peaks and troughs in the music for no apparent reason, and for no reason to do with the music itself.


If a good sound is important to you, then use someone who knows what they are doing. It’s the only way to achieve a really decent sound system.


A decent car audio centre will be able to source good equipment at a good price.



It’s unusual for a car audio centre to provide people with everything they need. This is simply because car audio is complex and has many different components, and it’s often not worth their while to stock a particular item that they might only sell one or two of a year.


Sure, with the bigger centres, such as a car audio centre Ilford, Manchester, Reading, or another big city, you may be able to find the more obscure items, but generally, it isn’t something that you will be able to find easily.


It’s fine if they do not stock the item you need. However, what isn’t fine is if they can’t get hold of it at all. A good business (unless new to the market), will have a good range of suppliers, and will be able to obtain that particular item for a decent price.

A decent car audio centre will have good communication skills.

Most of you will have a good understanding about what you want to achieve from the stereo. For example, you might want one that can play all of your audio files, or that has a very strong focus on bass, or something else that matches your preferences. Whatever it is you want to achieve, your car audio centre should listen to you.


You shouldn’t feel that they are trying to tell you what you want. They should be giving you what YOU want. It’s very easy for people that work in audio to start dictating to people what they should and shouldn't have, but don’t allow them to pressure you into something that doesn’t match your tastes. For this reason, their communications skills are paramount.


If you are interested in discussing your car stereo requirements with a car audio centre that offers all of these qualities, then please visit http://www.incarmusic.co.uk/.

Things to Bear In Mind When Choosing a New Car Audio System

There are a few things to remember when buying new car audio. It is expensive, and so it’s important that you make the right decisions. If you are unsure about the type of things, you need to be considerate of when choosing a new stereo system for your car, then read on, because below, we have provided you with some very useful advice.

What is your budget?
The first thing to consider is your budget. As long as you know how much you have to spend, you can work out the best stereo set up for your money.

For example, if you have £500+ to spend, that bodes very well. You will be able to get a decent head unit and decent speakers for that, as well as being able to pay for a professional installation.

However, if you only have £200, you might want to think about changing only one or two things in the system, for example, just changing the head unit or just the changing the speakers. With this type of project, it is usually something that you improve over time. For instance, this month you have £200 to change the head unit, but in three months’ time, you might be able to save another £200 to change the speakers.

Will you need to make any modifications to your car?
Whether you are willing to make modifications or not, can sometimes dictate which system you will buy. For example, if you do not want to make modifications – maybe you're scared to cut into your car, or you don’t have the money to pay for someone to do it.

If you are not willing to make modifications, then you will need to buy equipment that fits your existing slots. For instance, most head units come in a size known as DIN, half DIN, or Double DIN. You need to buy a head unit that matches the size of the slot on your dashboard. Again, if you’re stuck, ask your local car audio shop, or follow the link at the bottom of the page to ask the advice of a London car audio shop.


Will you choose a DAB radio?
We would always recommend against buying an analogue radio nowadays. The DAB (or digital) radios are much better. You will have access to a greater amount of content. There will be less cracking and hissing – well, none, actually. They are generally better all round.

What type of audio files do you have?
You should buy a stereo that can play your particular music library. For example, if your music files tend to be in the MP3 format, then it makes sense that you buy an MP3-compatible system. Think about the type of library you will have in the future, too. If you use CDs now, but you want to move to MP3, then there’s little point buying a CD player.

We hope that you have found this article useful. However, we understand that your car stereo system is often a tailored system, and that you might need individual advice. If you require personalised advice, then please visit our website.

What Sort of Knowledge Is Required for Installing a New Sound System In Your Car?

Are you thinking of installing a new car stereo system in your car? Are you thinking of doing it yourself, but you're not quite sure if you have the required knowledge? If so, then you have come to the right place. Below, we are going to look at the type of knowledge that you will need to have if you want to replace your sound system properly.

If you lack any of the skills listed below, either learn more about them, or consider using a special sound installation service, which you will be able to find at your local car audio shop. .

1.    Knowledge of the various types of speaker set up.
Clearly, if you don’t know the difference between a tweeter, a woofer, and a subwoofer, then you certainly should not attempt to upgrade your sound system yourself. A lack of knowledge in this area means that you are highly likely to lack knowledge in other areas.


2.    Knowledge of power handling in sound systems.
Power handling is very important when installing a new sound system. Each part of the stereo system – from the head unit to the speakers – needs to be powered correctly: not too much and not too little, but just right. This involves knowledge of amplifiers, speakers, and head units, as well as technical jargon, such as RMS. If you don’t know what any of that means, then you need to get help with your car sound installation.

3.    Knowledge of soldering.
When installing a new system, it’s highly likely that you will need to solder. You will need to have a fairly good grasp of soldering, because you will need to know how to taper wires and ensure maximum current transfer.

4.    Knowledge of electronics.
You will need to have a decent grasp of electronics. For instance, you will definitely need to understand the difference between ground wires and neutral wires. You can create a dangerous system if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

5.    Knowledge of car modification.
This one is not essential, but if you have bought a new sound system that requires modification to your car then it’s important that you know how to do this safely. For example, if you are installing speakers and they are larger than the speaker slots, you will need to cut into the car to create a sufficient space.

If you do not have experience in doing this, you can damage the car. At best, it will be ugly, at worse, you might compromise the strength of the car – e.g. if you cut into supporting structures.

However, it is not always necessary to have such information, and many stereos are standardised and fit the slots already present in the car. It’s only when you need to undertake an unusual car sound installation that you might run into problems here.

If you lack knowledge in any of the areas listed above, it’s important that you fill in the gaps before undertaking any sound installation project. If that sounds like too much hard work, then simply take your car to your nearest car installation specialist, and have it installed professionally.

Buyer’s Guide: Rear View Camera

Below, you will find helpful information about buying a rear view camera for your car. You will learn about the various types available and the difference in their performance. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should have a much better idea about the type of rear camera that suits your needs best.

First, let’s look at a few things that you need to be aware of before buying such a kit online:

1.    Make sure that the seller is UK-based. We are assuming that you are reading this article in the UK. In short, by purchasing the item from the same country in which you are based, you are afforded a certain level of consumer protection. Without this, you could buy a faulty or unsafe kit, and not have any recourse for resolution.

2.    Do a quick background check on both the seller and the make and model that you are thinking of buying. It’s important that you buy one that is high quality and sufficient for your requirements.


Now, let’s look at the rear view camera kit itself and discuss the various features that you should consider.

•    The sensor: with rear view cameras, there are generally two types of sensor:

1.    CMOS sensors: these are the cheaper option and are normally bought as part of cheap kit (i.e. the camera will also be of a cheaper quality). In very strong sunlight, they can be somewhat problematic as the film quality is less good. They’re also not very good at night. If you do a lot of parking in the dark, then they are not your best option.

2.    CCD sensors: these are the better quality sensors and create clear and crisp view. They can handle both bright daylight and night-time too.

•    The camera: bracket cameras tend to be the favourite amongst most road users. They are mounted high in the car, and so give a good, wide, angle. Again, it’s important to choose a high quality camera. You need to ensure that it can function well under various conditions, including bright sunlight and dark.

Another popular camera choice is a “bullet” camera. These are usually found within the bumper. If you don’t have such a camera, then go and look at the bumper on your car. You will usually find some circles towards both sides, that you can pop out. This is where you mount the sensors and cameras of this type of rear view camera kit.


When choosing a camera, it’s important that you choose one with a wide enough viewing angle. Experts recommend an angle of at least 120o.

•    The screen: finally, you have the screen. Clearly, the better the quality of the screen, the better you will be able to park. It’s important that you choose a high-resolution screen, and that it matches the performance capabilities of your camera. For example, imagine you buy a top-of-the-range camera and sensor, but you scrimp on the screen. That will be a little pointless.

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Listen To The Beep When Parking

One of the major differences between new cars these days and others from yesteryear is the dropping bonnet.

Today from the driver’s perspective the front of the car drops away and it makes it much harder to judge how much room there is in front when parking in a tight spot.

Older cars generally had a fairly square and blunt shape to the front. You could usually gauge parking better by keeping an eye on the position of the mascot on the bonnet and then allowing another six inches.

Of course, these bonnet motifs have long been removed as they were considered an added danger if a pedestrian was hit. The ones that do still exist have to pass the test of collapsing easily in case of an accident.

The sloping bonnet is also a result of design changes to reduce the likelihood of serious injury should a car hit a pedestrian or cyclist.

So parking sensors have become the norm for most cars manufactured today. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of older cars on the road today that do not have them.
The good news is that they ae cheap and easy to fit. They make parking in awkward spots a great deal easier although a driver’s own view and common sense should still be used.

Older people will remember the cars with big and bright shiny chrome bumpers. They will also remember that you knew how far you could go when you felt the gentle bump of hitting the car in front or behind whilst parking.


Hardly any damage occurred as the car being bumped would also have a sturdy bumper. But now if you take a look at just about any new model on the road you’ll realise a significant design change.

There are no longer any bumpers but just a wrap-around piece of body panelling. This is much easier to scuff or even crack when using the bump to park method. It’s also more expensive to replace so the answer if you haven’t got it is to fit parking sensors.

How to Improve Your In-Car Stereo System

So, you’ve just spent a hefty whack of savings on a new car only to find that it’s car-stereo system is a bit rubbish. Yes, this is exactly what you should expect; unless you’re buying a car that’s renowned for its audio technology (e.g. Audi) it’s very likely that the stereo will be bad.


From the car manufacture’s perspective, this makes sense: they’re selling you the car, not the audio. Not everyone is an audiophile, so why would they bother catering to the most particular customers, when everyone else is happy with a cheaper system? The truth is that they don’t.


Fortunately, it’s not too difficult, nor too expensive, to upgrade your entire system. Just a few simple changes can make a huge difference. Below, we’re going to explore the various things that you can do to improve your in-car music experience.


1.Change the speakers: if you have a limited budget, then the most important thing is usually to change the speakers. This is where the manufacturers scrimp the most, so they’re often very low quality. If you’ve bought a second-hand car, and they’ve never changed the speakers, then they might have blown too.

For as little as £50 you can change the speakers. Even the most basic speakers are often better than the manufacturers’ speakers, and certainly better than speakers that have blown.


2.Add sound proofing: a major issue with cars and music is that cars are huge hunks of metal. This means that the soundwaves bounce around and reverberate. This affects the quality of the music; it will sound distorted and off. It’s relatively straightforward to fix; you need to add sound-deadening materials.


You have many options, so go and speak to your local car audio shop. Our local car audio Romford specialist sells floor mats, special material for placing inside the doors, and various other sound deadening options. It will make a huge difference to the car, and can cost as little as £20. The good thing is that you don’t have to pay over the odds, because even a little amount of sound deadening can make a huge difference. Plus, you'll annoy the neighbours less.


3.Change the head unit: this is relatively expensive. A decent head unit will set you back at least £150. However, they can make a huge, huge, amount of difference to your enjoyment of your in-car stereo.


i.Firstly, they can improve the quality hugely. They may have a greater power output, and so be able to play the music louder than before – especially if you combine this with an amp.


ii.Second, they can allow you to play many more files and formats. For example, if you buy a Bluetooth stereo, you can then connect your phone or tablet, and then listen to those files via the stereo. You can also add things like DVD players, so you can watch files (but not while you drive, obviously!).


iii.Thirdly, you have extra features, like satnav and hands free.


There are many benefits, and the ones you derive will depend on the unit you buy. For this reason, it’s important that you spend your time researching different head units. This way, you'll end up with a unit you like.