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Car Stereos: Understanding Amplifiers

Amplifiers can help to enhance your in-car music experience. However, if you buy the wrong one – maybe because you don’t quite understand what amplifiers do – then it can actually make your music sound worse. Here, we have written an introduction to car amplifiers UK; much of this is relevant to the rest of the world, but a few things relate specifically to the UK. If you’re having trouble understanding what amplifiers are, and how they work to improve your music, then read on. This is a simplified version, so even those that are technically illiterate can understand.



What Is an Amplifier?


An amplifier does exactly what it says on the tin and amplifies your sound. It does this by taking the voltage from the A/V connectors (these connectors come with all stereos, and that have red, yellow and white jacks) and increases the voltage (i.e. it amplifies the voltage) which increases the power signal for the speakers, woofers and tweeters.

How Powerful Should You Amplifier Be?


Contrary to what you might assume, you don’t just choose the biggest amplifier that you can. The amplifier doesn’t need to be that strong because the head unit often provides sufficient power. The power is also sufficient to use for the subwoofers as well as the main speaker. However, because it’s sharing the power across multiple speakers it can do with a little help from an amplifier – but only a little help.


People assume that if you want to double the volume you need to double the power of the amp. This simply isn’t true. Instead, it works by degrees.


We mentioned earlier that you really only need a head unit to power the speakers and the sub woofers. However, to do this you need to fiddle around with power output and this is relatively complex. It involves understanding things about voltage, wattage, decibels, etc. It involves quite an in-depth knowledge of audio/visual technologies. For people without this advanced knowledge (and that’s most people) an amplifier will be required if you want to power anything more than component speakers do.


The stereo system requires different amplifiers depending on the type of speakers and their size. This means that you will have to ask an audiophile for precise guidance on your stereo.


Why Do We Need an Amplifier?


There are a few reasons for using an amplifier:


1.They make the system louder. With car stereos, you need to be careful with making them too loud because you can get in trouble for noise pollution, but also it can act as a distraction and can therefore be dangerous.


2.They improve sound quality. You need to make sure that you choose the right amplifier though, because the sound starts to distort as the amplifier reaches its limits. This means that it is better to buy a more powerful amplifier. The more powerful the amplifier, the less the potential for sound distortion.


How Do I Know Which Amplifier To Buy?


Unfortunately, understanding car amplifiers is a whole area of study in itself. If you don’t know which amp to buy then you will either need to learn about amplifiers (and that will take several weeks of study) or you will have to ask someone – remember that you will need information about car amplifiers UK, because different countries have different power systems.