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UK Car Stereo - Half The Journey With Sounds Of The Seventies

Isn’t it true that pleasant distraction helps fill time? A visit to the theatre and a thoroughly enjoyable play passes quickly. What’s pleasurable we always want to last and never end?


So if you are setting off on a long driving trip perhaps on the once a year summer journey to Italy or Southern France what is better than the sun-roof down and a blast of music to please the Soul.


You need a good sound system for this and a UK car stereo to make you want to sing along at maximum decibel.


Different generations have different ideas of what that music might be. At my age it’s Buddy Holly but after him came the greatest summer’s driving songs surely of all time with the Beach Boys.


The thing about recorded music is that over some weak equipment it is probably better not to listen at all. Good sound systems are always worth the money and cheap cars do not have the amplifier, speakers or all round acoustics to do justice to your favorite sounds.


It’s a bit like forty years ago when everything was mono and music came across as one dimensional and dull.


Many young people have no idea how black and white everything was just fifty years ago. The opportunities that have created outstanding musical sound and quality are near perfection and it is difficult to know where it goes from here.


From bass to woofers, mid-range to tweeter speakers with the right amplifier produce sound quality that is sensational to the old man only used to jazz in the nineteen sixties on a 78rpm record.


In Car Music is an Aladdin’s cave of every possible piece of equipment to improve the sounds inside your car.


The wonderful thing about modern Hi-Fi is that advancements in technology along with fierce competition mean much of this equipment is within the means of many.


An upgrade of your car audio will increase the pleasure of those long journeys down to Mother-in Law or even the short trip to work.


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