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The Best Accessories to Add to Your Car

Most new cars have a great range of features, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add to them. There are plenty of accessories that you can add to your car to make it truly amazing. Here, we have compiled a list of all of our favourite on-board accessories.


Let’s Go Through the Basics:
First things first, all cars should have a basic list of items. These include:


• Spare tyre: believe it or not, you’re not required by law to carry a spare tyre. However, if you do have a spare tyre, and you have to use it, it must be road-legal. Our advice is always to carry a spare, and to regularly check the spare for signs of damage.


• First aid kit: again, in the UK you do not have to carry a first aid kit in your private car (taxis & passenger vehicles are mandated to carry first aid kits). However, they recommend that you carry at least a medium BSI first aid kit. Furthermore, if you travel to other countries, such as France, it is illegal to drive without one.


• Warning triangle: again, there are no laws in the UK mandating the use of warning triangles, but they are heavily recommended. And, again, many countries in Europe require a warning triangle by law – some countries, such as Spain, require two.


• Reflective jacket: again, this isn’t illegal in the UK, but is in many other countries. Highly recommended.


• Fire extinguisher: again, this isn’t illegal in the UK, but is in many other countries. Highly recommended.


Some Accessories You’ve Probably Not Considered
Next, we’re going to look at some of the accessories that you’ve not thought about, but which can improve your driving massively.


• Breathalyser: this is something that many of you won’t have thought about, but you can buy breathalysers to carry in your car. These are excellent for people that like to have a drink or two and then drive afterwards. They help you to work out if you're safe to drive or not. Interestingly, France has made these a legal requirement.


Reverse parking sensor: these are excellent for all drivers. Even if you’re excellent at parking, they can spot things that you might not be able to see because they’re sat in your blind spot, such as a bollard or a brick. They make parking much more effortless. A reverse parking sensor will warn you when you're approaching an object by beeping faster and faster. You can also buy front and side mounted sensors, to make the job even easier. We’ve never tried, but you can probably park a car without even looking if you have a surround parking sensor system.



• Seat belt cutter/window breakers: if you’ve ever been unfortunate to be in a car accident where someone is trapped, then you will fully understand the importance of both of these items. In our opinion, they should both be mandated by law.


• First aid blanket: if there’s an accident, people can go into shock. Here, their body temperature can drip massively. A first aid foil blanket can help them to preserve heat. They’re also handy if you break down at night or in the winter.