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Car Stereo Systems: How to Choose an Audio Shop for a Custom-Install

So, you’re thinking of upgrading your car stereo, and you want to use an installation expert. This makes perfect sense. They have the knowledge, expertise, and practice required to install the stereo correctly. If you have little experience in these things, then it can turn into an expensive problem if you decide to go ahead and change it yourself. You risk damaging the stereo and the various other components.


Having said this, some people are reluctant to use an audio shop. This is because they might not necessarily trust that they can change the stereo without causing any damage. The majority of audio installation services in the UK are excellent. Nonetheless, we have provided you with some top tips to ensure that you get it right first time.


1.You should always use a car stereo installer if the speakers that you buy are larger than the original speakers are/were. This is because the mountings might require modification. This literally involves cutting into the car door and removing excess metal. It’s important that a professional undertakes it, because they understand how to do this without compromising the integrity of the car.


2.Another reason why you should take the car to an installation expert is that they know where to look for empty speaker slots. Most manufactures know that people will want to install after market car speakers, and they accommodate for this by creating slots. A decent car audio installer, such as car audio in London, will know exactly where to look for these slots.


Many car owners have hacked into their cars, without realising that there was a pre-installed hole exactly like the hole they've just made. Furthermore, that hole is likely to have had a better position than the one you made yourself. The manufactures hire audio experts to make sure that they choose an optimum position for these hidden slots.


3.When buying your speakers and stereo online, you need to be extra careful. This is because the audio might not be up to scratch. You don’t get to “try before you buy” when purchasing audio equipment online. In the real world, you can ask your audio specialist if you can listen to the various speakers/stereos they have for sale.


You can help minimise the risks here by shopping with an audio shop that has a good reputation. The shops offering car audio in London tend to be excellent, because they have a greater number of customers, and as such, if they make mistakes, you will soon hear about it. If you’re buying online, choose a London-based shop, and then look for online reviews. We’re assuming here that you live in the UK. By purchasing stereo parts in the UK, while living in the UK, you’re afforded with many consumer rights.



4.Make sure that the audio shop understands the various technologies behind your new stereo. Contact them by phone, email, or in person, and ask them a few questions about the new stereo and speakers. If they offer a comprehensive answer that makes sense, then it’s a sure sign that they understand exactly what they're doing.