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Entertainment On The Go

On a long car journey there’s a lot of difference between being the driver and a passenger. The driver has to concentrate on what he’s doing and the passenger can just end up utterly bored.


But now, instead of staring vacantly out the window the passenger can chill out in the back watching the latest movies on an in-car DVD player. With screens on the rear of the front seats and a set of wireless headphones the passenger can get involved in some long film to break the journey.


With iPod connectivity and touchscreen, films, music and games can all help relieve the otherwise boredom of a journey. There is no end to the amount and type of entertainment that passengers can enjoy and also the driver as long as it doesn’t in his or her case involve film.


Eventually when driver less cars are the norm the driver will be able to enjoy all the audio/visual pleasure that passengers get today.


The car of the future that will simply have to be programmed to find its destination will be much like flying an airplane. Modern planes hardly need the pilot as they cover the journey and often land themselves.


But for now, any car audio Romford, if that’s where you live, is the place you need to buy the latest audio equipment.


The super expensive new cars that most of us cannot afford, are fully equipped audio-wise. But for lesser mortals just about all in-car entertainment can be improved upon. Most will not have a Double Din with iPod connection, Bluetooth with DVD and a touchscreen.




Once this has been added it might be worth looking at adding a more powerful amp and possibly changing the speakers to cope with the increased output.

It’s surprisingly possible to make these changes with a modest budget but when it’s properly done you’ll never be bored on any road trip.

If you turn the car into a mind-blowing sound-around theatre then maybe you should think about some dampening to completely keep out all road noise.