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Basic guide to in-car amplifiers

Unless you spend a lot of time in your car listening to music, then chances are that you would consider yourself to be perfectly happy with the audio system you currently have. If you can get along playing your favourite CD’s or tuning into your preferred radio station then the majority of people are unlikely to give their in-car stereo system much thought. However, you might want to consider that your audio system probably doesn’t sound as good as it could.


Deterioration over time is one major factor; speakers are not made of the best materials and they simply lose sound quality over the years but rather than considering a complete replacement of the speakers, why not utilise an in-car amplifier to enhance sound instead? No matter how well made your car speakers are, an in-car amplifier could massively improve the quality and overall sound from your stereo, even if you didn’t think that it was possible!


What kind of amplifier?


This is probably the first question you need to think about. As most cars have four speakers, you will need an amplifier which has multiple channels on it; at least four and luckily these are the most common ones found on the market. If you are a complete newbie to purchasing an in-car amplifier then it would be best to speak to a professional who should be able to advise you based on your personal requirements and the type of car that you own. There are many London Car Audio companies if you are local to the city who would be able to offer advice on the different amplifiers which would be suitable for you.



Where does it go?


The amplifier will be placed in the boot of your car. It is powered by the car battery and connected to the speakers.


How much will it cost?


Like most technical equipment, the higher the price, the better the specification. However, that doesn’t mean that by spending hundreds of pounds on an amplifier you will automatically be given better quality sound. Depending on what you are looking for, you may find that a cheaper model of amplifier gives you exactly the quality of sound you are after; there are always plenty of affordable options out there if you spend a little time looking for them. If you are looking into great sound enhancing options then you might also want to consider purchasing a subwoofer at the same time as the amplifier. Subwoofers are speakers which are solely designed for low frequencies. Generally subwoofers are thought to be used for those who like loud music with a lot of bass but actually a good subwoofer can enhance the overall sound quality no matter what type of music you enjoy listening to and no matter whether you like the volume turned up high, or way down low. The subwoofer will also sit in the boot, next to the amplifier so you won’t have to worry about compromising on in-car space either.