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Reversing Aids Increase Your Safety

You know if you bump into something with your car you will have to shelve out money to have your car fixed.  You could do this on your insurance, but your no-claims bonus will no longer be there and your premium will go up.


Putting your car back on the road is the least of your problems if you bump into a person or a pushchair.  This can have nasty consequences.


It is for this reason that Reversing aids have become a very popular addition for car and people safety. You will be surprised to know that they have come down in price as demand has increased.


These days cars are bigger and the parking facilities have become smaller, so it is more difficult to get in and out of parking spaces.


If you look at availability you will soon notice that there is a wide variety of models on the market.  They have also become more effective in detecting dangers behind your cars and in front.


Newer cars are often fitted with one of these and if you were a passenger in one of these, you will have heard the beeping noise in the car when it comes too close to an object.  If you want to be extra safe, you can also have cameras fitted which will see what sensors cannot detect.


The most commonly fitted are the ultra-sonic versions which are also the cheapest.  The more upmarket modern cars are fitted with a more expensive kit, namely the electro-magnetic models.  These are generally neater and will not spoil the look of your car. 


They both need holes to be drilled in the bumper and you should choose a reversing aid that closely matches the colour of your car so that it will not look intrusive.


The camera versions are easily fitted to most modern multi-media head units and if you have a factory fitted system with this facility, you should have no trouble installing it.

You should still use your eyes and not rely totally on these sensors.


Reversing aids for your safety and others are available from incarmusic.co.uk