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Do The Swap At Your Peril

Any car driver that loves to listen to music whilst rolling along in their car, will not be over-impressed with most original car factory sound systems.


It’s almost impossible to buy a car with an original subwoofer and nearly all just have an inadequate amp in the dash mounted head unit. Getting the highs and base with any variation is simply not possible.


And so, if you are even remotely an audiophile, you will want to do something to improve this problem.


The first starting point is to check out the latest double DIN touch screen Bluetooth head units. The internet has plenty of sites with listings of the most popular quality manufacturers.


Don’t just take the opinion of the compiler of one list but check a few others as well. It soon becomes clear that there are some very firm favourites. The next thing to read-up on are the speakers including a subwoofer.


This is the part that can increase the sound range and add some excellent base. Whilst you can just replace the existing speakers with more advanced ones, think about the possibility of adding some extras.


The average run-around car has a usual configuration of half a dozen speakers when it leaves the factory. But you must ask yourself why it is that the luxury limousines have up to twenty and sometimes more scattered around the car.



In these expensive vehicles the car stereo installation isn’t taken lightly. At the R and D stage of new models, the audio department gets a whole new car to test positioning of speakers.


The problem with cars is that whilst they can indeed have great sounds, the interior is a mix of soft furnishing and hard metal. Sound waves bounce off the latter and get absorbed by the former.


This is another reason for additional dampening material to be added when you get around to upgrading the whole system, with some quality aftermarket equipment.