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Entertain Yourself On Long Journeys

If you have children and you are preparing for a long car journey, you have to think about ways to entertain them so that there won’t be any squabbling during the trip.

There are good and old fashioned games you can play, such as I spy which do not involve taking your hands off the steering wheel, but these days with modern in car entertainment systems that will allow children to plug in their portable systems to play their favourite games.



If you are going to adapt your system to enable this to happen, you should definitely not forget earphones so that you as a driver does not get distracted. If you need to research what you can do you could always approach one of the many car audio shops. Thee you will be able to find online or in your local high street.


If you are satisfied with the performance of your speakers, but your receiver is somewhat limited in which tasks it can perform, you may want to invest in a new one. Make sure that you enquire about digital media receivers as CDs and cassettes are now rarely used in the modern car.


This new generation of receivers does not have a CD player and they give you options such as USB ports, iPod connections and SD card slots. They could also support satellite radio tuners.  You can now see why CDs are now superfluous.


If you approach a retailer he will point you to a model that fits your car’s dash and he will also be able to suggest installation kits if you want to do the work yourself. However, fitting a new head unit in your car yourself is discouraged. The mechanics such as computer wiring is very complicated and you may inadvertently immobilise your vehicle.

You can imagine what effect that would have on your car warranty and moreover, you will be issued with a warranty for the fitting by the installation specialist.


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