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A Shorter Journey

A long car journey seems to travel by much faster if there is something interesting on the radio. Nowadays people can take their smart devices and have an almost unlimited amount of their favourite music.


Talking books makes a great alternative to music and these are readily available on CD’s. But music, we can hear repeatedly unlike books that we rarely read or listen to more than once.


Some years back there was an initiative that persuaded people that travel the motorways regularly, to take part in a free swap CD. This was a drop off one for one box for CD’s meaning you could select something other than the tired old one in your collection.

Audio books do not require the best in car stereos UK but only the best car speakers are required to enjoy music. Unfortunately, the average car stereo and speakers are adequate without being outstanding.


If you drive a lot of hours, it may be time to look at some after market system to improve this. Apart from the high-end production cars, the ordinary vehicles most of us drive have the bare minimum of quality stereos.


Car manufacturers, like any other manufacturing business, are run by cost conscious accountants. This means they pay as little as possible for many of the components, including stereos.


It doesn’t take a mountain of money to correct this deficiency with a great sound system. In the average car the amp is in the head unit on the dash. But a separate amp with sub-woofer and tweeter can bring out the best in music recordings.


The improvement can be quite dramatic and enables the listener to hear much more subtleties in the music than they were aware even existed.


The result is as impressive as that first time you went to a surround sound cinema, and after that experience, we expect nothing less.


With a new system to replace the old, you won’t want the drive to end.