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Get High On Music Whilst Driving

Most of us experience favourite music with an increase in heartbeat and a general feeling of being better for the experience although oddly enough there are some people who feel no emotions at all and actually hate all music.


Ignoring that strange group, with no inclination to listen to music, the next question is where and how is the best place to enjoy it. Many audiophiles spend thousands of pounds on home Hi-Fi and sometimes dedicate a whole room in the house to accommodate a correct array of speakers and specially prepared acoustics.


Another obvious way to get the most from your particular taste in music is to upgrade the factory installed car audio system.


Apart from the hugely expensive limousines most average car audio systems are just that; average, but there is much that can be done to upgrade and spectacularly improve the quality for surprisingly little cost.


A new amplifier in the boot and an upgrade of new car speakers UK will soon turn you into one of those people who drive around all day just to listen to results.


If you do boost the sounds with newer and better equipment it will also be a good time to look at improving the acoustics. A simple dampening can make a big difference and is something anyone is capable of doing over a weekend.


Dampening not only improves the sound inside because it prevents sound waves escaping but it also blocks out road noise and any other annoying little car noise. Fortunately most new cars have a better level of insulation of engine noise with the completely enclosed engine casing.


This is a relatively new concept only evolved because of the reliability of modern engines. Anyone over the age of fifty will remember that weekends were often spent servicing the car with regular water and oil checks along with greasing nipples.


Today the modern car is quiet enough to listen to good quality music but with a little extra effort it can become not just quiet but midnight graveyard quiet.



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