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Some Ideas for Car Stereo Manufacturers

I don’t know how much time you spend in your car, but if you’re anything like the millions of commuters up and down the country, you probably spend a good hour a day in the car. Clearly, it gets a bit monotonous in the car. One of the ways that we like to entertain ourselves is through our car stereos. Manufacturers, such as Sony car stereos, understand that we need entertainment and they’re really spoiling us. You can do so much through your head units: watch DVDs (err, not when you’re driving!), listen to the radio, listen to podcasts, telephone people, browse the internet, etc. But we can think of a few extra things that we want our car stereos to do. So if you’re a car stereo manufacturer, and you want some inspiration, then read on.




Car stereos should definitely have in-built storage and memory. And I don’t know about you, but I want at least 64GB. I have lots of music and a few films that I’d like in my car. The films because I stop at the drive-thru once a week and how awesome would it be to watch a film while munching on my burger.



Rewind/Pause/Fast-forward on Radio Settings


How many times have you listened to a radio station and missed something someone said, or missed a song that you were waiting for. Being able to pause and rewind a live radio programme would be awesome. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to fast-forward it unless we’d pause it first, but that would be cool too.


Another thing they should do is let you record radio programmes or in-car telephone calls. With that 64GB storage, that would be quite easy. It’s not as if the technology doesn’t already exist. The bigger manufacturers, like Sony car stereos, should really jump on the bandwagon for this one because it will boost their popularity. Some people are quite disparaging about the brand, so giving people something that they can’t get anywhere else would be a great marketing trick.


GPS Communication


Most car stereos now come with built-in Satnav and GPS capabilities. However, this is rather one sided. The car receives information from the satellites but it doesn’t send information back out. How amazing would it be if our car stereos communicated certain types of data with the satellites? We would be able to create real-time congestion information. We’d be able to avoid road accidents, traffic works and schools at kicking out time. It would give us so much flexibility. In fact, it would do wonders for traffic management if we let our cars tell us where to drive in real time.


This is what Google are trying to do with their driverless cars. Most of us can’t afford a Google car, so the next best thing would be to have an in-car stereo that can carry out some of the same functions, such as traffic management.


Simcard Slot for Your Phone


Car stereos should allow you to insert a simcard so that you can use your stereo as a phone over your existing mobile phone tariff. This would probably involve multiple simcards on the same number, or simply let you wirelessly connect to your phone.