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Listen To The Beep When Parking

One of the major differences between new cars these days and others from yesteryear is the dropping bonnet.

Today from the driver’s perspective the front of the car drops away and it makes it much harder to judge how much room there is in front when parking in a tight spot.

Older cars generally had a fairly square and blunt shape to the front. You could usually gauge parking better by keeping an eye on the position of the mascot on the bonnet and then allowing another six inches.

Of course, these bonnet motifs have long been removed as they were considered an added danger if a pedestrian was hit. The ones that do still exist have to pass the test of collapsing easily in case of an accident.

The sloping bonnet is also a result of design changes to reduce the likelihood of serious injury should a car hit a pedestrian or cyclist.

So parking sensors have become the norm for most cars manufactured today. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of older cars on the road today that do not have them.
The good news is that they ae cheap and easy to fit. They make parking in awkward spots a great deal easier although a driver’s own view and common sense should still be used.

Older people will remember the cars with big and bright shiny chrome bumpers. They will also remember that you knew how far you could go when you felt the gentle bump of hitting the car in front or behind whilst parking.


Hardly any damage occurred as the car being bumped would also have a sturdy bumper. But now if you take a look at just about any new model on the road you’ll realise a significant design change.

There are no longer any bumpers but just a wrap-around piece of body panelling. This is much easier to scuff or even crack when using the bump to park method. It’s also more expensive to replace so the answer if you haven’t got it is to fit parking sensors.