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What Should You Look for from a Car Audio Shop?

If you love your car stereo, then it’s probably better for you to find a decent car audio shop to help you with all of your stereo needs. However, finding such a shop can be difficult. Sure, you can pop to your local chain store for advice, but their “engineers” tend to have very little experience in the audio world (although that’s not always the case at all).


Most of the time, it makes sense to use a small, independent, seller. They often employ sound engineers to help create the best sound systems. That doesn’t mean that you should rush out and use just any old business. No, you need to make sure that they have the correct qualities. If you don’t know what these qualities are, then read on, because we will explain all below.

A decent car audio centre will have at least one qualified sound engineer.

The best people to work out what you need and how you can achieve it are sound engineers. They have had in-depth training in audio technology and they understand how to create systems that work well together, where each part of the system complements and works in harmony with the rest of the system.


Without this knowledge, you often end up with stereos that have problems, such as peaks and troughs in the music for no apparent reason, and for no reason to do with the music itself.


If a good sound is important to you, then use someone who knows what they are doing. It’s the only way to achieve a really decent sound system.


A decent car audio centre will be able to source good equipment at a good price.



It’s unusual for a car audio centre to provide people with everything they need. This is simply because car audio is complex and has many different components, and it’s often not worth their while to stock a particular item that they might only sell one or two of a year.


Sure, with the bigger centres, such as a car audio centre Ilford, Manchester, Reading, or another big city, you may be able to find the more obscure items, but generally, it isn’t something that you will be able to find easily.


It’s fine if they do not stock the item you need. However, what isn’t fine is if they can’t get hold of it at all. A good business (unless new to the market), will have a good range of suppliers, and will be able to obtain that particular item for a decent price.

A decent car audio centre will have good communication skills.

Most of you will have a good understanding about what you want to achieve from the stereo. For example, you might want one that can play all of your audio files, or that has a very strong focus on bass, or something else that matches your preferences. Whatever it is you want to achieve, your car audio centre should listen to you.


You shouldn’t feel that they are trying to tell you what you want. They should be giving you what YOU want. It’s very easy for people that work in audio to start dictating to people what they should and shouldn't have, but don’t allow them to pressure you into something that doesn’t match your tastes. For this reason, their communications skills are paramount.


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