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Highs and Lows In Car Audio

To get crisp and clear high definition in a car audio will almost certainly involve changing existing speakers.

And when you start going down that path, to complete the upgrade should involve a new amp which in turn will result in a new receiver.

In other words, to do the job properly involves installation of a complete new audio system. But when It’s all done, the money spent will be satisfyingly well worth it.

To buy an all new aftermarket system needs plenty of research and unless you are an audio expert, some good advice from an independent supplier and fitter should be looked for. A good car audio shop is one that has been around for some time.


The longer they have been in existence the more experience they will have in helping the customer choose the right equipment for their particular make and model car. And then of course, they will need to know how much you are prepared to spend.

The sky is the limit as anyone can discover by searching lists on the internet. Look up the world’s most expensive car audio system and the result is an amount that would buy one of the most exotic and priciest luxury saloons outright.

But the good news is that in reality it just takes a few hundred pounds to improve on that cheap factory fitted system in your modestly priced runabout.

The best possible way is to drive along to your nearest audio sales and fitting center and ask for advice. Make a note of all the component parts that will be needed from speakers to amp as well as a new dash mounted double DIN.

If the result is a bit over budget then think of buying and fitting in stages. Each component part changed will still mean being able to listen to better and better sounds.

When the whole system is finished the sounds will be so good that you’ll find the smallest of excuses to drive to the shops.

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