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Install A Silent Witness On Your Dash

Our roads are crowded and in a moment of absentmindedness an accident can happen very easily. Now we have the technology the easiest thing to do is to fit a journey recorder. 


These can be plugged in easily into the car cigarette lighter and even if your car is immobilised due to an accident they still continue to record what is happening.


As far as Vehicle Journey Recorder Installation the plug-in facility is by far the easiest and you can do the job yourself by just attaching the power leads to the aforementioned cigarette lighter.


If you would rather have a more permanent configuration they can be hard wired into the car’s electrical system.  Both cameras are small and they sit on the dash, recording every mile you do in your vehicle.


The camera can be attached with bits of sticky tape that is supplied with the kit, but a much preferred option is to acquire a suction pad which holds the camera in place for much longer. Strong sunlight shining through the car can quickly deteriorate the sticky tape’s ability to keep the camera steady.


The cameras start recording as soon as you switch the car’s ignition on. When the car’s ignition is turned off they automatically switch off.  However, there are some cameras that keep on recording and these may be of more use to you if you park in an unsafe spot overnight or in a car park.


The record of your journey is stored on an SD memory card.  Once the card is full, you need to know that it will then start to record over the older footage that has earlier been recorded.


In case of an accident the recorded footage will be locked in so that it cannot be overridden. The evidence of a recorded accident will help you when you have to make an insurance claim and it could be that your insurance premiums will go down. It will also help you to deal with claims speedily.