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For Dulcit Tones In The Car Change The Speakers

Even if you have a recent model car there is always the chance that the factory fitted sound system is not to your liking.  Some of us are real music buffs and if you do not like the sound of what you are playing, you may want to upgrade it with an aftermarket system.



Of course, if you are going to replace anything in that department it is going to cost you.  It seems a sensible move, therefore, to have a Car Speakers Installation carried out first to see if that improves matters.


You need to understand that if you should choose component speakers you are not opting for a cheap way to improve sound.  Nevertheless, most people opt for changing the speakers as they do affect the way music sounds.


If you should only change the head unit, it is very likely that your existing speakers will not be up to the job reproducing sound adequately with an advanced stereo unit.  For this reason, you should really replace the speakers with the more expensive component speakers to achieve optimum sound.


In component speakers, the woofer and the tweeters are separated and they are mounted independently.  This way they won’t interfere with each other’s sound so you get a much purer sound.


If you should go for these and you are going to fit them yourself, you will find four components when you open your parcel.  The first are the woofers which will typically sit in the car door spaces where your old speakers were.


Then there are the tweeters who will reproduce the higher notes such as female voices and woodwind instruments.  If there is no space left to fit them they will have to be custom mounted.


The third components are the crossover boxes which will ensure that the high frequency sounds are clearly defined and sent to the tweeters and the lower notes to the woofers.


Lastly you will also find the hardware to fit all the different components.


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