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Helpful Tips and Advice to Get the Most Out of Your Car Stereo

So many people listen to subpar car stereos. They don't realise that making just a few little tweaks and changes can make a world of difference to the quality of their sound systems.  If this sounds familiar, then you should find this article useful.


Today, we are going to look at some of the adjustments that you can make to your in-car stereo system that will improve the quality of your sound.


Avoiding Tinnitus

So, this probably isn't something that you’d normally read about from an article like this, but believe me, if you develop tinnitus, music will never sound the same again. My first tip is going to be about reducing the risk of damaging your ears by listening to loud music.


If you want to protect your ears, you need to buy a sound metre. Sound metres control the volume of your music and ensure that it stays below the threshold that causes damage. 


Sure, it isn't particularly entertaining to think of sound metres, but it is an important thing to have with your in car stereos because it will limit the risk of damage, which you will regret if it ever happens to you.


Change the Speakers

If you still have the factory-installed speakers in your car, swap them out. Unless you have one of the cars with a reputation for good audio technology, such as Volkswagen or BMW, it's highly likely that your speakers are very low quality. This will make your music sound bad. You'll hear tinny noises and crackling. They'll be interference and cross over. The sound quality will be poor.


Even if you only spend around £20 on your new speakers, that will still be far superior to the ones that come as standard in most cars.  Factory-installed speakers cost the manufacturers a couple of pence to buy, that's how rubbish they are. 



If you're anyway musically inclined, then changing the speakers can be the best thing you can do to improve your in car stereos.


If you really like to hear the full range in your music, then install a subwoofer. This creates much more bass and can really increase your enjoyment.


Install an Amplifier

If you've change the speakers, and you're still getting things like crossover and interference, the issue may be a lack of power to the system. To overcome this, you need to include an amp in your car stereo system.  Amps increase the amount of power within a stereo system and ensure the head unit is powerful enough to drive the speakers.