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Help and Advice for First-Time Car Stereo Buyers

Choosing your own car stereo is a fun thing to do. It allows you to tailor your in-car listening to your personal preferences, something that you can’t always manage with the standard car stereos.


However, if you do not have a lot of experience with this, the results can be disastrous…and costly. If you don’t have much experience in modifying car stereos, then you will need to do your research before you make any changes. We have written this article to get you started with the basics. You will discover some helpful tips and advice if you read on.



Tip 1: Understand Why You Are Buying a New Car Stereo

It’s important that you understand the reasons why you want a new stereo so that you can ensure that you tailor the new system to your tastes. Here are a few things that you need to think about:


  • Are you changing the system because it doesn't play compatible audio files? For instance, you may have a full catalogue of MP3 files, but your car may be stuck in the past, playing CDs…maybe even tapes.


By thinking about the type of files you have, you can ensure that you choose a car sound system that can play these files.


  • Do you want to improve the sound quality of the audio? If you're still listening to music on a factory-installed stereo, then the chances are high that they’re a poor quality.


Car manufactures spend as little as possible on their car stereos, and so it’s unsurprising that they are particularly poor quality. They won’t play good sound. Some people don’t care, but others will.



  • Does your current system need more bass? What about more treble? If you answered yes, then you might need to invest in a subwoofer and a tweeter respectively.


Once you’ve considered your reasons carefully, you will have a good idea about the type of things you are looking for from your car stereo. You can then take these ideas to your local car audio shop and they will help you find the best solutions to your issues.


Tip 2: Will You Install the System Yourself?

Whilst it can be a lot of fun installing the system yourself, you need to be careful as a beginner. It’s quite easy to break things and to plug wires in the wrong places. It can become a problem if you're not careful.


In most cases, it’s easier to use an installation service. They’re relatively cheap and they know what they’re doing, so will be able to get it right. We recommend googling “car audio installation near me” to find the best installation service in your area.



Tip 3: Ask Fellow Audiophiles for Advice

Finally, if you get stuck at any point in the project, talk to other people. There are loads of online forums that concentrate on in car stereos, so you will be able to find some helpful tips and advice. You do need to be careful that everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they’re right – you might inadvertently start arguments, but they can be a great way to learn more about car stereos.