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Buying a new car stereo: getting it right first time

If you spend a lot of time in your car, and you probably want to have a decent stereo system. It can really help pass the time whilst you are idling along on The Great British roads. Moreover, if you're on the M1 a lot, then idling is something you'll be familiar with!


In this article, we are going to go to understand how to go about buying a new car stereo. The information in this article will help you to work out exactly what it is who should be looking for from your car stereo.



Do you have a lot of space in your car?


Space in the car is important concerning both the stereo and the speakers. Let's look at both in turn and see how space is relevant.


  1. Space is relevant to your choice of stereo:  in the UK, we have standard measurements for car stereos UK. We measure them in DIN.  The size of the stereo and the size of the hole in your dashboard need to match up for the stereo to stay in place and fit. This means that you have to establish the DIN of the space on your dashboard and buy a stereo that corresponds to this size. 


It is possible to buy smaller or larger stereos for your car, but this will mean either using special mountings to keep the stereo in place or creating a larger hole in your dashboard, which involves cutting into the dashboard. This latter option has to be done by a professional in order to keep the structural integrity of the car safe.


  1. Space is relevant to your choice of speakers:  cars have space in the doors and various other places around the car for speakers. In some cars, these spaces are relatively large and allow you to use component speakers, which means you can use a separate woofer and tweeter.


In other cars, the space is much smaller, and you'll have to use a coaxial speaker, which combines the tweeter and woofer into a single unit. The component speakers are better than coaxial speakers are because they produce a cleaner sound, but if you don't have the space, you'll have to use coaxial speakers. These are good, especially at the top of the range, and most people won't notice the difference.


What is your budget?


Car stereos and car speakers can be expensive. It is possible to buy a cheap setup that encompasses everything you need. These cost around £100. They're ok, but they don't produce the great quality of sound.  If you want a decent car stereo system, then you should be looking to spend around £300. This is definitely worth the money because it gives you a great number of options and extra features, such as being able to use your car stereo as GPS satellite navigation or using hands-free telephone calls.


Certain brands of car stereo and car speakers are known to be very good quality, Kenwood, for example, is an excellent brand.


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