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How to Make Your Own Car Stereo System Look Bangtidy

Yeah, ok, so the word bangtidy might be a little bit too cool for me, but you know what I mean: there's nothing worse than installing a state-of-the-art car stereo only to find that it looks like a piece of doody.  Sure, the stereo itself might look amazing, but it's all of the other things, such as wiring and space, but can lend an air of unprofessionalism that you probably don't want.


Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to tidy up your car stereo and make sure that the entire thing looks awesome, and not just the head unit and stereo.


Tidying up those wires

If you've installed quite a complex car stereo, then you will have wires all over the place. They'll be going from your head unit to each of your speakers, which can be as many as seven speakers. They'll be going to your amplifier, to any DVDs you might have any headrest, etc., etc., etc.


The best way to tidy up your wires in your car is to use a quad lock connector.  This simple device allows you to connect all of your wiring easily in one single place. You can then follow the wires around the car and tidy them up using wire ties. It makes the whole thing look much better and you won't have wires hanging out in places where they shouldn't.


The other great thing about the quad lock connectors is that they are colour coordinated so they also make it easier for you to change wires and to keep track of where each wire should be going.


Making sure your equipment fits

Different cars are different sizes, and so naturally, the things inside them also vary in size. You need to make sure that you match the size of your stereo and speakers to be corresponding holding places in your car. For example, with head units in the UK, we measure them in DIN.  You need to make sure that the section that you have in your car to hold the head unit matches be DIN  off the head unit you buy. This will prevent you from having a stereo set too large or too small for your car, which will then look odd.


Sometimes, you will want to buy a stereo that is larger than the sitting in your car. You can still do this, but if you want it to look tidy, you need to take your car to a car audio specialist who will be able to modify your dashboard to ensure that it can seat your new car stereo properly.


Undertaking both of the options outlined above will really help to make your car music system look its very best.  There's no point spending hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds on a decent stereo setup if it doesn't look good too.



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